Custom Consensus Model and Interactive Model

Zacks custom consensus model provides a fully customizable way to get a comprehensive overview of the Street’s view on your company for all of the metrics that are important to you. Our team collects analyst models from your brokers and creates a complete and accurate consensus model that aggregates analyst estimates for hundreds of line items, including key non-financial metrics that drive your market value. Analyst estimates are verified, reconciled and consolidated into a single Excel spreadsheet and easy to use comparative dashboard that helps you to better manage analyst expectations.

It integrates seamlessly into your workflow and makes it easy to share vital company information with colleagues and clients. We also offer a complimentary online portal and interactive model for greater versatility and convenience.

Zacks Consensus Model

Buy-Side Contact Database

Targeting the right buy- and sell-side institutions can be overwhelming. The Zacks Buy-Side Contact Database contains all of the key information you need to manage your IR outreach program to portfolio managers and analysts. Zacks has the data and expertise to drill down to the most relevant and impactful prospective investors and identify the specific points of contact you should be targeting that no other database can provide.

  • Contact information for over 100,000 portfolio managers and analysts at 26,000 buy-side firms and hedge funds
  • Holdings information for 23,000 investment management firms
  • U.S. equities holdings for 10,000 Funds
  • Organizational links showing the ownership structure between funds and investment management firms

IROs can easily find the buy-side contacts that own or may want to own your stock, effortlessly transfer the contacts into Excel or Salesforce and automatically update your contacts as the buy-side personnel change jobs or firms.

IR Targeting

Opportunity Probability Score (ZOP)

Our proprietary quantitative assessment of the likelihood that a portfolio manager will purchase any specified company at some time in the future. The ZOP score was developed by Zacks quantitative analysts based on the historical buying patterns of portfolio managers and can be used by IROs to identify those portfolio managers most likely to buy your stock.

The ZOP score is included as a data item in the Zacks Buy-Side Contact Database and the contact information of portfolio managers with high ZOP scores can be seamlessly transferred from the Zacks Buy-Side Contact Database into the Salesforce CRM that is available for a nominal fee with IR Tools. Salesforce can then be used to send your messages to these key portfolio managers.

Salesforce CRM available with our Buy-Side Contact Database

All Zacks Buy-Side Contact Database subscribers may access a license to the Salesforce Partner CRM, which is linked directly to the Zacks contact database, for a nominal fee. IROs can use the contact database to screen and create contact lists, click a button to save these lists in Salesforce, and use Salesforce to send email campaigns to the selected lists and manage all interactions with key contacts.

One-Time Update of your Existing Contact Database

Sometimes an IRO does not want to switch from his or her existing CRM to Salesforce. In these cases, we offer a one-time (per year) service to simply update the contacts in your existing CRM with the most recent information from our contact database.

IR Targeting

User-Created Board Reports

The Board Report Tool on our website enables the IRO to easily create professional-quality PowerPoint and PDF presentations. These reports can consist of a wide range of charts and tables configured by the user to communicate your message.

The IRO can easily create charts showing company fundamentals over time, company fundamentals relative to other companies and technical price charts for your company and peers. Once you have created the individual pages, use the intuitive menu to assemble them into a PowerPoint, or include them in an existing PowerPoint.

Custom-Created Board Reports

Sometimes the information you want to include in your presentation and the format or display requires a more customized approach. The Zacks IR team creates custom Board Reports to the specifications set by the IRO. These reports are then updated by Zacks to always include the most recent information and are posted on your Zacks password-protected site,, for use by everyone on your team.

Board Report

Targeted Peer Comparison and Analysis

Save hours of data-gathering time by harnessing our ability to organize competitor data from a multitude of different sources. See how your firm stacks up against peers according to virtually any metric, using comprehensive data, comparison tables and insightful charts that make your points clearly and quickly. Build user-created peer analysis with our online portal or have Zacks team build a custom-created peer analysis.

Select the specific peers and
metrics you want to highlight

Get the whole story with access
to all the raw data

Timely delivery of our
custom-created peer analysis
right after earnings

IR Visualizer

IR Tools Dashboard

The IR Tools Dashboard allows IROs to maximize their time by consolidating all pertinent company and peer information, market trends, news, institutional ownership, changes in sell-side estimates and recommendations, all in one place. This condensed page provides the timeliest content, spending less time hunting down information, while quickly gaining insight into the data that is essential to an IRO’s daily activity.

  • Estimates/recommendations, news and market conditions based on your preferences and industry
  • Understand the current and historical ownership of your stock
  • Access research reports and sell-side analyst models
  • Get more out of your peer lists

IR Visualizer

Save your stakeholders valuable time by providing all key financial information (GAAP and non-GAAP) in one location on your Investor Relations website. Eliminate the frustration of digging through press releases, regulatory filings and reconciliations by providing complete, current and historical, financials, metrics, fundamentals and ratios in one click.

IR Visualizer

Find out how to customize Zacks IR Tools to enhance your firm’s IR function.

Whether you need a complete IR solution or a specific data set, we invite you to leverage our 30+ years of analyst data research. Zacks IR Tools can help your company’s IR department function more efficiently, and strengthen your vital relationship with the investor and analyst community.